The Australian authorities have said that they are planning to switch the skills-based visa program to a demand-driven immigration system, which would allow businesses to have a role in deciding what job positions should be filled.

Commenting on the idea, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia, Clare O’Neil said that despite the country dealing with a worker shortage, such a change would stir up the system of immigration, suggesting that disadvantages might follow, VisaGuide.World reports.

Independent Online explained that by doing so, the Australian government wants to encourage productivity and economic growth. Moreover, the same noted that the industry is expected to help in finding ways to protect foreigners coming to work in Australia from exploitation.

Even though the demand-driven immigration system still remains only an idea, it has been stressed that such a change would positively affect the processing times of work visas for Australia.

Currently, the processing times for skilled workers are up to 15 months. However, it has been noted that if the policy changes the processing times might get accelerated as there is a need for workers in the country.

Similar to the Skilled Migration Program, the demand-driven immigration program also aims to fill positions where Australian workers are not available. However, instead of requiring a foreigner to be a skilled worker, this particular program will rather take into account the demand.

In addition to the above-mentioned, VisaGuide.World previously reported that the government of Australia is also considering proposals for global companies to bring their employees into the country.

According to a report of SBS, the easing of the process for intra-companies has been supported by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia, and the same noted that the changes are planned to be introduced to help Australia fill in labor shortage gaps in several industries.

Commenting on the proposal, the Chief Economist of the Committee for Economic Development of Australia, Jarrod Ball, said that the United Kingdom, as well as the United States, have already cleared their paths for their multinational companies to bring their best workers in the country through a streamlined process.

Moreover, Bell stressed that by implementing a similar pathway, Australia would also open its doors for investments and noted that multinational companies are generally trusted, suggesting this would not harm the country in any way.

Taking into account the labor shortage, the Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, and Migrant Services as well as Multicultural Affairs, Andrew Giles, has already required that visa applications of employees needed to fill in certain job positions get fast-tracked.


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