Who should apply for Contributory Parent Temporary 173 VISA?

If your child is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, and you have not proceeded with any other Parent visa, you can apply for this visa to stay temporarily for up to 2 years in Australia. You can work and study and receive Medicare once the visa is granted.

This visa allows you to apply for the Contributory Parent Permanent 143 visa.

To apply for the 173 visa, you must satisfy all Balance of Family Test, Assurance of Support and Sponsor requirements.


If your child in Australia is under 18 years old, they cannot sponsor you and you must be sponsored by a relevant organisation or eligible relative who must first be approved by the Department.

Balance of Family Test

You must meet the balance-of-family test. The balance of family test is met if,

  • There are more eligible children living in Australia than in any other single country; and
  • At least half of your children and step-children are eligible children who can sponsor you.

Assurance of Support

A mandatory assurance of support from your Sponsoring child will need to be provided to the Department on request. It must be in the form of a bank guarantee through the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.


You can include family members in your application if they meet health and character requirements.

From 24 March 2021, as a temporary concession, eligible parent visa applicants have been granted their visas while in Australia without having to be offshore.

Processing Times

Only a limited number of the visa will be granted each Migration Program year.

Start to prepare your 173 Visa Application


Form 40 Sponsorship for migration to Australia


Evidence of how you are related to each child

Evidence of each child’s country of permanent residence

Death certificates for deceased children


Form 1163i Health requirement for temporary entry to Australia

Form 815 Health undertaking if you have a significant health condition such as Tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis B or C, Hansen’s Disease.

Proof of health insurance or Certificate of Prospective Currency


Form 80 Declaration

Military Discharge Papers

Police Check from Residence Abroad

AFP Police Certificate (on request)

IDENTITY – Applicant

Certified copy of applicant Police Records in all countries of residence

Recent passport-size photo x 4 copies

Certified copy of national identity card

Proof of change of name on marriage or divorce certificate

IDENTITY – Partner

Certified copy of marriage certificate

Documents about their other relationships, if applicable

Character documents

Joint bank account statements

Documents that show you have lived at the same address as your partner

Recent passport-size photo x 4 copies

IDENTITY – Dependents under 18

Form 1229 Consent form to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years

A statutory declaration giving their consent for the child to visit Australia on this visa

Recent passport-size photo x 4 copies

IDENTITY – Dependents over 18

Form 47a – Details of a child or other dependent family member aged 18 years or over

Identity documents

Documents about their other relationships, if applicable

Character documents

Proof of dependency

Proof they live with you

Tax records

Proof they are currently studying

Recent passport-size photo x 4 copies

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