When you decide to leave your usual place and migrate to a new location, it might be a life changing event for you and your family. You are accustomed to live in a well organized and a routine life in your regular place of residence. That may include the way you commute to and from the workplace, how you travel back and forth from your regular shopping places, your children’s school, your kind of foods, your attitude and involvement for the local society and events, your way of accessing public facilities and so on.

As a part of our social responsibilities, Newstars Migration Canberra has been continuously working towards keeping you well informed of all the migration related policies and other issues to make your whole migration process chaos free, organized and relaxed.

In this article you will find bunch of information that makes your transition period of “migrating to Canberra” a pleasant experience. After thoroughly reading through the article we expect you to be a confident and independent Canberra resident.

1. Access to Public Transport ?

 Canberra is well connected through its bus services and there is a route of light rail from Gungahlin to Alinga street, City.

You can access to public transport with a rechargeable MyWay Card. From more than 40 agents, you can buy and recharge this travel card and use for both bus and tram.

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2. Travel Interstate

Canberra is connected to all other states and territories by either bus, train or plane.

If you want to travel to Sydney from Canberra, there are both bus and train services available.

Bus: There is a direct bus service to and from Canberra and Sydney. Murrays and Greyhound are two popular bus services that are in operation. It takes around 3 hours and 15 minutes to travel between these two cities.

Bus services provide student concession facilities and discounts on early booking.

There is also a train service to Sydney from Canberra Railway Station, Kingston. The typical travel time is around 4 hours.

The student concession is also applicable for train services.

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Train: https://transportnsw.info/regional


  1. https://www.murrays.com.au/
  2. https://www.greyhound.com.au/


3. Where would you go for your vehicle registration and licence transfer in Canberra ???

Access Canberra

It is a one-stop shop for all ACT government customer and regulatory services. You’ll be visiting Access Canberra for range of services as:

  • Road safety regulation, driver and vehicle licencing
  • Electricity, natural gas, water, sewerage and industry technical services
  • Fair trading and registration, inspection and regulatory services
  • Occupational licencing
  • Building, utilities, land and lease regulations
  • Environmental protection and water regulation
  • Public health protection and regulation for food permits
  • Racing and gambling legislation
  • WorkSafe ACT

There are 8 Access Canberra Offices altogether, 5 general offices located in Belconnen, Dickson, Gungahlin, Tuggeranong & Woden along with 3 specialised centres in Holder, Hume and Mitchell.

Related link: www.accesscanberra.act.gov.au

4. Where would you go for your minor illness and sick certificate for free of cost ?

–  Walk-in Centre

Act government has established few “Walk-in health Centres”, around different suburbs where you can simply WALK-IN without any appointment for :

  • A sick certificate
  • Treatment of cuts, sprains and abrasions
  • Advice and treatment for common illnesses
  • Information about other health care services available to you in the ACT

Services you get there are free of cost.

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5. Free Public Wi-Fi

ACT government is trying to serve its residents and visitors from every possible angles, CBRfree is an epitome of this.

CBRfree is Canberra’s public Wi-Fi network, and one of the largest deployment of free, public Wi-Fi in Australia. It provides users with access up to 1 gigabyte per day over a fast broadband connection at specific locations.

Image source: https://www.abc.net.au/


When you are in the range, you can simply accept the terms and conditions and you are good to go.

Related link: https://www.cmtedd.act.gov.au/digital/cbrfree-public-wifi

6. Information about arts, events, parks and all tourist attractions

Canberra is a beautiful city that cares about its residents’ health, wealth culture, entertainment and refreshments. As a home to numerous multicultural societies, it fosters their culture, their civilisation, cultural programs along with indigenous history and recognition of all the structures of national significance.

Related link: https://visitcanberra.com.au/

ACT government has remarkably organized itself digitally, most of its services are online accessible. https://www.act.gov.au/ should be your landing page for all the government services and enquiries during your stay in ACT.

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