International Students Will Share Their Adelaide Experiences With World To Lure More To Study In SA

The students will point to the state’s track record in minimising the impact of COVID-19 as part of the marketing campaign.

The international student sector is worth more than $2 billion to the state each year.

While SA’s three universities are not able to officially declare that the state is COVID-safe, their marketing campaigns will allude to how Adelaide is comparatively safe when held up against other places around the world.

Adelaide Uni’s pro-vice-chancellor Jacqueline Lo told The Advertiser that Adelaide’s handling of the pandemic would resonate with parents around the globe who are looking for a safe place to send their children.

A small number of international students are due to return to study in SA over summer, after a pilot program was approved by the federal government.

Up to 300 students will return on a series of flights into Adelaide between November and January.